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High-Density High Resiliency Foam

High-Density High Resiliency Foam



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Vintage Leather Furniture Manufacturing offers as an upgrade, several cushion options.

1. Memory Foam with a High Density (HD) foam base.

We have found that putting the Memory Foam below the foam base is the best option and is standard. You can request the Memory Foam on top of the High Density foam base. Our High Density (HD) foam base is highly resilient for superior support.

2. High Resilient (HR) Foam core with a Down topper.

Seat cushions consisting of goose down and feathers in combination with an HR foam core provide superior comfort and durability.

3. High Resilient (HR) with a High Density Foam base.

HR Foam is a high-resiliency, high-density urethane foam. HR Foam has an average life of 15 years and longer. HR foam will out-perform most polyurethane foams. Over a long period of time HR foam provides a consistent feel without breaking down or flattening-out.

Vintage Leather Furniture Manufacturing encloses all of its foam core cushions in a Dacron polyester batting.

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